Predictive models help reduce churn and grow revenue

Machine learning models help keep the world’s leading tech brands ahead of market trends, on-top of churn & three-steps ahead when predicting sales performance.

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“Ziggy is at the forefront of customer intelligence and insight. Many companies talk about using analytics to predict and mitigate churn but few (if any) actually achieve it. Ziggy is leading the way in strategising with our data to achieve a real profit driven impact.”

Will Hicklen, Chief Growth Officer at EasyWorkforce

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Most marketers react to market conditions before making their move. Most marketers rely on static forecasts to plan their budgets. Most marketers try to prevent customers leaving after they’ve left. With Ziggy, you can predict market conditions, plan your budget better, and win back customers before they leave.

Predictive Forecasting

Take the guess-work out of your revenue targets and budget planning. Predictive modelling helps the world’s best marketers scenario plan and manage financial expectations proactively.

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Customer Segmentation

Cluster your customer data to learn which customers pay you the most and stay the longest.

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Churn Risk Modelling

Preventing churn is one of the biggest growth levers for any Saas business. Our models will flag accounts at risk of churn, before they do.

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