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Ziggy is the growth marketing agency for ambitious tech brands that need to scale revenue NOW. Proven demand gen strategies that help brands of all sizes – from startups to Fortune 500s – grow revenue and reduce CAC.

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"We needed an agency who really understood the marketing and sales funnel, someone who could really help optimise our initiatives towards revenue and business objectives."

Ryan Stewart, EMEA, Demand Generation at Canon

After moving away from driving lead volume and towards driving revenue, you can expect

+ 0 %

Increase in ROAS

+ 0 %

Increase in Pipeline ARR

- 0 %

Decrease in cost per Opp

A fully integrated suite of services to help Saas companies scale revenue

From Fortune 500s to Startups, most SaaS companies use low-intent lead gen programmes and waste their time chasing dead inbound MQLs. Companies grow faster when they focus on high-intent prospects instead of building a pipe of low-intent leads. Learn how Ziggy’s suite of services helps you speed up your sales cycle and quit wasting time on BS marketing activities.

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“Over the last two years, we’ve managed to double the ROI of our demand gen programme”

Joe Sheppard, Global Demand Generation at World Courier

Get off the MQL hamster wheel, shift to a revenue-first demand model

B2B marketing has evolved from the old days of capturing leads and throwing them over to sales. Demand Gen has a role to play in driving revenue, expansion & retention.

The Old World The New World
Marketing Objective icon
Marketing Objective

Increase Sign Ups/ MQLs

Increase Revenue, LTV and reduce CAC

Content Strategy icon
Content Strategy

Gate content to increase leads

Content is value-first, focusing on customer problems vs funnel stage

Lead Management icon
Lead Management

All leads are marketing qualified

Qualified leads are triggered against direct response forms, everyone else is scored based on Intent, ICP, Account + Behaviour

Performance icon

Funnel is slow, conv rates are low, prospects have low-intent

Opp volume increases, deal cycles shorten, ACVs increase and LTV:CACs is leading indicator for scale

Internal Alignment icon
Internal Alignment

Marketing and Sales have different targets

Marketing & sales are both targeted on net new revenue, account expansion & retention

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